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“Always Comfortable” – The “Winston” brings an added dimension of total comfort with its two whisper quiet motors allowing the back and footrest to be individually controlled for that “Just Right” comfort spot. Take the “Winston” down all the way to its full “Lay Flat” position, or even “Trendelenburg” and take a long nap:) All Serta Lift Chairs come with an exclusive legendary, patented seating system that is just plain hard to beat. 56 individually wrapped coil springs, Gel-Infused foam throughout the seat, chaise and arms; all in combination with Pirelli type webs that conform perfectly to individual user’s back shapes.


Every Serta Lift Chair comes with a beautifully designed ergonomic Hand Control features LED Lighting and simple picture legends showing individual functions. As will all Serta Lift Chair Hand Controls, there is an integrated USB port for convenient charging of phones and light electronic devices.


It’s easy to see why Serta Lift Chairs have become North America’s choice for “Comfort” and great Design.

Serta Winston Infinite Position Lift Chair

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